EveHoffman“Christopher is one of the most effective Regional Sales Managers I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my career. He has a firm handle on his business, understands his customers’ needs well, and goes above and beyond to develop strong relationships with his clients. Christopher is also fearless and open-minded when it comes to trying new things that he feels may be beneficial to his clients and his employer. He always looks at things from the client’s perspective and provides recommendations that the client feels is valuable. Christopher is a team player who helps his entire team accomplish common goals” – January, 2013
-Eve Hoffman, Major Account Executive, Arkadin (LinkedIn Profile)



“I have had the pleasure of working with Christopher since November of 2012. He is a talented and Tech savvy Sales Professional and a team player committed to the success and satisfaction of his clients and prospects.” – December, 2013
-Joe Trivisone, VP of Sales, Bond International Software (LinkedIn Profile)


“I have worked with Christoper in a vendor/client relationship. As our vendor representative, Christopher responded in a timely fashion with accurate information. This was possible because of Christopher’s product knowledge and commitment to the clients.  Working in a client/vendor relationship, Christopher has always been easy to deal with, attentive and most of all deadline oriented. I apprecaite the time and effort he puts into our projects.” – August 3, 2011
-Marc R. Mousseau, President, Moose Logistics (LinkedIn Profile)



“I have known Christopher Vigil for the past 3 years, while he was working as the Director of Technology at Laarhoven Design. I was the Director of Sales at Laarhoven Design at that time, and now work with Christopher on a business to business vendor relationship.  During his tenure, Christopher has shown tremendous potential by spearheading an extensive number of brand building programs and initiatives for the company.  As a result of his consistent fresh ideas and high enthusiasm, Laarhoven Design attained outstanding results.  He is a very customer oriented person, and has a very high aptitude for sales-related roles also. His willingness to explore different job specializations in the company won many admirations.  To my own observation, Christopher is a trustworthy and reliable person who goes great length to accomplish any task given to him.  He works well both as an individual and as a team player.  He never hesitates to take the extra roles which are beyond his own job scope.  I wish Christopher all the success in life and recommend him for employment, with your organization without any hesitation.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.” – June 6, 2011
-Rick Drigalla, VP Sales and Marketing, Grapevine Visual Communications (LinkedIn Profile)


“In my relationships with Laarhoven Design, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with Christopher beginning several years ago. When Christopher joined the company it was obvious that he was a young talent with a positive attitude, a sharp mind, and a strong dose of enthusiasm and confidence. More recently, I have seen Christopher grow and become a more integral part of the LDI organization. His determination, intense dedication, sharp comprehension of challenges and solution are a testament to his ability and continuous growth as a key team player and leader. I look forward to seeing his continued advancement and success.” -February 14, 2011
-Larry Crumlish, Sales Representative, Laarhoven Design (LinkedIn Profile)


“The short period I (have known) Christopher, I … know him as a serious, dedicated person. He [is] technical and commercial. I … recommend him for sure !” April 7, 2011
-Stefaan Decroos, Owner, beMatrix (Strategic Partner of Laarhoven Design in Belgium) (LinkedIn Profile)


“Christopher is one of the go to guys for any project, and his web development skills are awesome. I’m sorry that we only worked together a short time while I was with Laarhoven, but Christopher will be a very important contact in my network for years to come.” -April 19, 2011
-Vince Battaglia, National Accounts Manager, Exhibit City News (LinkedIn Profile)



“Christopher’s leadership of a Life Teen Band in the Catholic Church has been shaped by both a musical proficiency in the contemporary Catholic/Christian genre of music (on guitar and vocals) as well as a deepened knowledge of the liturgy through academic studies and a strong faith foundation. His ability to relate well to students in both Catholic mass and retreat settings has enabled him to build a repertoire that is contemporary and continually up-to-date. His command of this style of music allows him to creatively work with all musicians in the group to arrange and produce a combined sound which is engaging and inviting. Our first opportunity to work together was eight years ago at another nearby Catholic Church and since then I have seen Christopher mature into a solid and spiritual worship leader, one which any congregation would be thankful to be lead by.”
-Jan Smith, Music Leader, CTK – Archdiocese of Atlanta (LinkedIn Profile)


“I am always amazed at your skill with our website and the internet. Our website has never looked so professional, complete and cool! Every last detail has been successfully addressed thanks to your knowledge and saavy. Our clients comment every day on how great our website is.” – April 20, 2011
-Cynthia Stephenson, Account Manager, Laarhoven Design (LinkedIn Profile)


“Christopher has been a pleasure to work with. Not only does he offer our clients great customer service, his skills developing our web site, email blasts and other web based programs far exceed those of anyone else I have ever worked with. He is a high value member of our group and I have been proud to be associated with him. He is an outstanding member of the Laarhoven team!” -April 7, 2011
-Melinda Stewart, Owner, Laser Exhibitor Services (LinkedIn Profile)



“Christopher is very knowledgeable in his particular field of music and consistently strives to increase the quality of the music program.” – March 15, 2011
-Fr. Neil Dhabliwala, Pastor, St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church (LinkedIn Profile)




“Christopher is very dedicated and professional. He’s proven that he’s not afraid to take on tough projects, and that he’s relentless in his attention to details. Jumping into not one but two different positions where there was a need, but was outside his realm of experience shows how versatile he is – and how capable he can be.” -September 29, 2009
-Chad Blackman, Designer/Detailer, Laarhoven Design (LinkedIn Profile)



“Christopher is a highly creative individual who has proven time and again his capability of quickly thinking on his feet and problem solving. He is especially gifted at solving computer and technology problems. He is an ethical, hard-working businessman with a lot of great ideas and the motivation and drive to make things happen. He is definitely a highly motivated self-starter who would be a great asset on any project that required technical and problem-solving skills.” – August 3, 2011
-Kevin Milani, Owner, Mendicant Marketing (LinkedIn Profile)


“I am writing this letter on behalf of Christopher Vigil. I have known Christopher for 3.5 years in which time Christopher has exemplified leadership characteristics in many different roles. In the role of musician and the role of peer leader he has been a man of character someone to be looked up too and admired. He has also demonstrated the ability not only to lead but to be lead, always a team player. I have always admired Christopher for his integrity and strength of character. I would definitely want him on my team and he has my full recommendation. If you need any more information I am always available at 770-****” – January 19, 2005
-Mike Judge, Co-Founder, Spirit and Truth (non-profit) (LinkedIn Profile)