Job Search in Real Life

A few years back I was in the market for a job. I had started a very interesting position with a company that was in the process of being acquired, when two weeks in I got a call: the board declined to approve the acquisition… and so there I was. […]

Smart Phones and Filtering Employees

The two businesses that are most focused on not missing opportunities are Stock Trading and Staffing.  With record unemployment rates, staffing businesses are swamped with potential candidates.  Although this might seem like a good thing,  it can be a quick way to miss your golden ticket opportunity to place a prime candidate. […]

LinkedIn Email Address and Job Seeking

Early this year, I ran into an unusual experience that caught me significantly off guard — shortly after taking a position with a company that had been courting me, I found myself unemployed… the acquisition of a company whose product I was being brought in to sell fell through at […]