About Me

I’m a native of Atlanta, Georgia and have lived here all of my life, which is somewhat of a rarity these days in a city full of so many migrants from other states. People are often surprised that I do not have the typical Southern accent, but having been born in the Atlanta area, my twang has been suitably interwoven with the diverse melting pot of people who have surrounded me from early on.

I was fortunate to grow up in a big and very loving extended family that almost entirely lives in Georgia and has always been of utmost importance to me. With very diverse interests, my family has taught me and helped me grow in many areas in my life including a love for my faith, playing guitar and leading music, home renovations, website design and photography. I share many of these interests in common with my wife Claudia and hope to inspire our children to do the same.

Although many different fields have interested me, my education was primarily focused on Philosophy and Theology. When choosing what to study, I was most interested in learning what would improve my thought process, not just about my beliefs, but in dissecting and understanding something that might seem incomprehensible. Studying Theology has taught me to search and find solutions to what many people find impossible.

I enjoy many diverse hobbies, most of which involve working with my hands. In essence, I enjoy projects which involve figuring out how systems work and finding new and creative ways to make them work better and more efficiently. In high school, I began tinkering with cars and have fixed up a dozen or so vehicles since then. I have also spent an extensive amount of time working on home remodeling and renovations. My biggest adventure has been the purchase of a foreclosed property two years ago, a home which I have been working to renovate with my family and friends. I like to build things out of wood and recently finished an Adirondack chair.

Music is another real passion of mine, and I enjoy playing guitar, singing, and learning new musical styles. I am blessed to be able to combine that passion with my faith. I lead music every Sunday for the 5pm evening Mass at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church a few miles from Atlanta in Sandy Springs.